(i) The Chancellor Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar
(ii) The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sibaji Pratim Basu
(III) The Deans of the Faculty Councils for Post Graduate Studies
(a) The Dean, Faculty Council for Postgraduate Studies in Arts & Commerce:
(b) The Dean, Faculty Council for Postgraduate Studies in Science:
(iv) The Principle Secretary, Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal: Shri Kunal Kanti Jha, WBA & AS, A.O. & Ex-Officio Jt. Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Govt. of West Bengal
(v) The Principle Secretary, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of West Bengal: Vacant
(vi) The Chairman, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education or his nominee: Vacant
(vii) The President, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Vacant
(viii) The President, West Bengal Madrasah Education Board: Prof. Fazle Rabbi , President, W.B.B.M.E.
(ix) The President, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Vacant
(x) The Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Director of Public Instruction: Vacant
(xi) A nominee of the Chairman of University Grants Commission: Dr. Purna Bannerjee, Associate Professor, Department of English , Presidency University
(xii) A nominee of the Chairman of National Council for Teacher's Education. Vacant
(xiii) The Chairman of the College Service Commission or a member of the Commission as his nominee: Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar, Chairperson, West-Bengal College Service Commission
(xiv) Heads of Departments of the University-
1. The Head, Department of Anthropology
2. The Head, Department of Applied Mathematics with Oceanology and Computer Programming
3. The Head, Department of Aquaculture Management and Technology (Fishery Science)
4. The Head, Department of Bengali
5. The Head, Department of Bio-Medical Laboratory Science & Management and Clinical Nutrition
6. The Head, Department of Botany and Forestry
7. The Head, Department of Business Administration
8. The Head, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
9. The Head, Department of Commerce with Farm Management
10. The Head, Department of Computer Science and M.C.A.
11. The Head, Department of Economics with Rural Developement
12.The Head, Department of Electronics
13. The Head, Department of English
14. The Head, Department of Geography and Environment Management
15. The Head , Department of Hindi
16. The Head, Department of History
17. The Head, Department of Human Physiology with Community Health
18. The Head, Department of Library and Information Science
19. The Head, Department of Microbiology
20. The Head, Department of Philosophy and the Life-World
21. The Head, Department of Physics and Technophysics
22. The Head, Department of Political Science with Rural Administration
23. The Head, Department of Remote Sensing & GIS
24. The Head, Department of Sociology
25. The Head , Department of Sanskrit
26. The Head, Department of Santali
27. The Head, Department of Zoology
(xv) Five senior most Professor of Departments of the University selected by the Vice-Chancellor in alphabetical order of the Department
1. Prof. Mihir Kumar Pal, Department of Economics with Rural Development
2. Prof. Debashis Bandyopadhyay, Department of English
3. Prof. Damodar Mishra Department of Hindi
4. Prof. Durga Sankar Rath. Department of Library & Information Science
5. Prof. Bhupendra Chandra Das, Department of Philosophy and Life World
(xvi) Principals of affiliated Colleges, not more than ten, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor:
2. Dr. Avimanyu Behera, Midnapore Law College (from Law College)
3. One shall be from other Professional College - Not Applicable
4. Dr. Jayashree Laha, Raja N. L. Khan Women's College (from Women's College)
5. Dr. Asim Kumar Bera , Mahisadal Raj College
6. Dr. Gopal Chandra Bera, Midnapore College
7. Dr. Pabitra Mishra, Bhatter College, Dantan
8. Dr. Hariprasad Sarkar , Garhbeta College , Garhbeta
(xvii) Five Teachers from the Council for Undergraduate Studies, of whom atleast two shall belong to the rank of Associate Professor and others shall be not below the rank of Assistant Professor, to be elected by the members of the council
1. Vacant
2. Vacant
3. Vacant
4. Vacant
5. Vacant
(xviii) One Representative of Officers of the University, to
be elected from amongst themselves in the manner as
may be prescribed by the Statutes.
(xix) Two representatives of non-teaching employees-
(i) One from Non-teaching employees of the University Vacant
(ii) One from non-teaching employees of the affiliated colleges of the University Vacant
(xx) Five persons to nominated by the Chancellor from amongst the persons interested in University education
1. Professor Suranjan Das, Vice-Chancellor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
2. Professor Anil Kumar Bhuimali, Vice-Chancellor, Raiganj University, Raiganj.
3. Professor Tanuja Majumder, Professor and Head of the Department of Hindi, Presidency University, Kolkata.
4. Professor Abhirup Sarkar, Economics Research Institute, ISI, Kolkata
5. Dr. Prithvish Nag, Vice-Chancellor , Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi
(xxi) Any official or expert in any field or eminent educationist Vacant